Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New faces, New Jersey and Old Friends

The Charleston Battery held their "Meet and Greet" with the Battery players and trialist tonight at the Three Lions pub at Blackbaud Stadium.  We arrived about thrirty minutes early and was surprised to see the team out on the pitch playing a match against Georgia Southern University (Battery won 2-0) but they were finishing up and headed to the showers so there wasnt time to really analysis anything. 

Up in the pub, season ticket holders were given a free drink and a nice selection of hor d'erves to start the night out.  After the team had showered, they were introduced by Battery president, Andrew Bell and Head Coach Mike Anhaueser.

Auggie first introduced the returning players.  Stephen Armstrong has taken up the roal of player/assistant coach and will be formally announced once his visa has cleared.  Jon Gruenwald was present and recovering from his hernia operation and  looks to return in about four weeks for him.  Also there was Mike Zaher who had been on trial in Finland.  Things didn't work out for Zaher there but he is happy about coming back to Charleston. Also present were Brandon Maisse, Zach Prince, Keith Wiggins, and Kevin Jackson

Still not present were Cole peverly and Nikki Patterson who were both waiting on visas but may feature as soon as middle of the Carolina Challenge Cup.  Colin Falvey who was still in New Zealand and Levi Coleman who is playing indoor.  No mention of Alioune Gueye tonight.

The trialist were then introduced and we didn't get all the names but some of the highlights were USL combine standout Luke Mullholand, College of Chalreston alumni Sean Bateau, Sean Flatley, and Kareem Yearwood .  A lively looking attacking midfielder Jose Cuevas as well as  Alex Casskey, Mark Wiltse from the University of South Carolina, and Geroge Davis, who did well during the combine. 

On the Goalkeeper side, former Chicago Fire keeper, Andrew Dykstra is in camp.  There were a few more names I missed but overall it looks like a good group of players and they all seemed excited about playing.

The new-look Battery jersey features three
stars over the logo and revamped sponsor logo
 The last announcement came as Auggie unveiled the new-look Battery jersey.  He set it up slowly announcing they had finalized the paperwork today on the player that will be the first one to wear the new Battery Jersey, and that he could think of no player better than to wear it. Then out steps number 25, Johnny Wilson who unzips his jacket to reveil the new top to a roaring applause.

Johnny then said a few words about feeling he still can contribute to the Battery and was excited to be coming back.  After a few obvious Brett Favre jokes he thanked everyone for their support.  A player like Wilson brings so much more than just his talent to a young team.  As a respected veteran, he can mentor a young player immensly and will can only help a team.

As the Battery faithful left the pub, Toronto FC were out on the main pitch for a light training session.  Saturday just can't come soon enough!

No Quarter will bring you regular updates throughout the Carolina Challenge Cup.


Tommy said...

the stars add a touch of class...

SC Soccer Blog said...

Good Article. I really like the new logo. And I especially like the new avventa logo.

Just read on the Battery's twitter that Johnny Wilson officially announced his comeback. After reading this I assume its a joke, but can you shead some light on this for me Mikey?

Mikey said...

He is back.

Johnny said that he came to the realization while he was out on a long run and after playing against with the CofC mens that he wasn't ready to walk away yet.

He might not have the wheels or the recovery time of a young player but I think he will more than make up for it with his experience.

I gave him a hard time that I was going to have to do another article on him. He laughed but thats johnny, ever humble and just a nice guy.