Thursday, March 24, 2011

Battery announce Armstrong as Player/Assistant

Its official now, Stephen Armstrong will be a player/assistant coach for the Battery in 2011.

There seemed little doubt that Stephen was returning this year, he has been helping with Battery camps throughout the winter, was involved in the player trials and was a major contributor to the team during the Carolina Challenge Cup and other preseason matches.  Today's announcement makes it official on his role as an assistant coach.

He has become a fan favorite since joining the Battery in 2006.  According to the Battery Press Release he has played 113 games (sixth all-time), scored 24 goals (fifth all-time) and added 11 assists (fifth all-time).  What he brings with his experience both on and off the field can only help a young squad. 


m5070a said...

I believe he'll be a great addition to the coaching staff. His experience and hardwork will be shared to the young players.

Mikey said...

agree with you 100% m5070a. Armstrong is a great mentor for the young players. The only thing I can say bad about the guy is that he supports Liverpool! guess we all have our faults!