Thursday, March 17, 2011

Catching Up...Amaury Nunes

Former Battery forward Amaury Nunes litterally has traveled the world the last year or so.  The Rio de Janeiro, Brazil native started 2010 on trial with Real Salt Lake but eventually signed to play for the Battery for the 2010 season.  He then moved on to play in Germany with Hessel Kassel in the fall.  Then he got a email from India.

"I got an email from the coach of Churchill Brothers (in India's premier division, the I-League), asking me if I would be interested to play in India."  said Nunes.  "At first, I told myself "nooooo waaaay". "

"After a few emails and phone calls, he told me about the city, the team, and the league."  Nunes continues, "I started to think about it. When we spoke about the salary, I had no more doubts that it would be a great opportunity for me."

So Nunes found himself moving to a third continent in less than a year and signed a short term contract with Churchill Brothers, located in the seaside city of Goa, a major tourist destination.

"Churchill Brothers is one of the best teams in the I-league."  Nunes explains. "The infrastructure of stadiums and trainings grounds facilities are still developing, as it is the entire country. Two cities in particular, are very passionate about soccer, which is number 2 sport in India right after Cricket."

"Goa and Kolkata are the cities where the best teams are located, the fans are more passionate about the game. I had the chance to play in Kolkata last week, and we had about 70 thousand people in the stadium, it was amazing to play for so many loud fans."

So how is it adapting to the play in India?

"The level here is comparible to USL-Pro or maybe even some top PDL teams, in general,"  Nunes says.  "The league is only allowed 3 international players per team, so the international players have a lot of pressure to do well at every game and make the difference."

But Nunes says its the living in general that takes some getting used to.

"Goa is quite calm, and comfortable, due to the high numbers of tourists, it is easy to find a restaurants where you can get any kind of food.   But for me, one of the biggest problems is when we go play in different cities. It can be really hard to find non-spicy food! I am not a big fan of spicy food. And the Indian food, even when they say that it is not spicy, it is!!!"  Nunes jokes.   The cultural differences from India, to Brazil or the US, is huge. Manners, hygiene, the traffic, music, religious, and etc. But it has been a very unique opportunity for me to be able to see many things and learn from it."

And despite the differences, Nunes is adapting well.  His new favorite food;  galric cheese naan and samousas. 

"I live on a beach resort, in south Goa, at Benaulim beach. I basically have a meal at the beach everyday, and the weather here right now is great!"  Nunes continues.  "We train a lot, almost twice a day everyday, but when we do have a time off, there is nothing better than walk to the beach relax and play some cricket with the locals."

Nunes contracts expires in May, so what is next for the world traveler?

He isnt sure but we are sure he will find a place.  "I've become a better player, stronger and more mature," says Nunes.  "What I can get from all the traveling that took place in my life and career over the past few years is that, we have to be willing to adjust to any situation, and embrace life as it comes."

Churchill Brothers currently sit in the second spot in the I-League.  To follow Churchill Brothers and Nunes, check this link, Soccer in India.

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