Sunday, March 6, 2011

Calling all Capos, please report to section E10!!!

After a long day of tailgating, two matches, filling (and emptying!) the Coffee Pot Cup at the Three Lions and then waking up this morning and heading to Madra Rua for a bit of breakfast (Murphy's stout is sort of like oatmeal right?) while watching the ManUre/Liverpool match, I should be taking a nap.

But thought I owed it to my readers to at least give a recap of the matches last night.  You can read the recap of the one the field action at or in the Post and Courier.

Mike Zaher defends against DC United
For a first match after three training session, the boys did well.  The Battery are still waiting on the arrival of a couple players and speaking to a couple of the trialist and players in the pub after the match, they were disappoint with the loss but felt they did pretty good as a team.  You could see the first touch and communication wasn't there yet the building blocks of what looks to be a very good squad for the Battery for 2011.

For us fans, The day started off early.  More than 100 fans from all four teams in the tournament in attendance attended the Regiment Tailgate.   Lowcountry boil, boiled peanuts, venison sausage, wings, burgers, "Regiment" Cornbread and off course plenty of adult beverages.  Check out the tailgate photos by Mrs. Bribetaker here.  Meeting old friend that you haven't meet since the end of last season and visiting with the supporters from the other teams is great.  The weather was near perfect as well.  A little overcast with a nice breeze and about 72F.

After a 10 man Chicago defeated Toronto 1-0 in the first match, we set the stage for the Coffee Pot Cup between DC Untied and the Charleston Battery.  The cup was founded a few years ago by supporters of the two teams after DC Untied loss to the Charleston Battery in the 1999 USOC.  After that match there was some damage to the then brand-new locker rooms in Blackbaud stadium by Untied players.  One of the items that was broke was a coffee pot.  Now each time the two team meet they play for an office style coffee urn and the losing supporters fill it with beer for the winning supporters. 

United has won it enough lately that we feel we would have been better off putting the money toward helping them buy a new stadium.  But a deal's a deal and we filled the "cup" full of Guinness after the Battery loss 2-1 in the second match of the Carolina Challenge Cup.  I'm sure the interwebs will be filled with photos of the victors drinking their spoils, once I find one Ill post it up.

Last point of the post before I drift off into a Sunday afternoon coma is a plea for support.  During the match the DC supporters certainly brought it and were in fine voice.  As Battery fans, we need to step up our game.  We do pretty well on the "Battery" clap, clap, clap (or bang, bang bang if you have something to beat the bleachers with!) but we need to grow our repetoire.  If you have a good chant or song for the supporters (keep it simple, we do like the occasional beverage!) post it here.  Or better yet come by section E10 and join the fun. 

See you out there on Wednesday night against Toronto FC!

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rpblondon said...

Supporting your team is the biggest thing you can do for your club. This sport is surely one that needs the 12th man. i can tell you from talking to players that they truely do feel the emotion and passion of the supporters.

The guys and girls in the regiment truely are worls class and you will have a great time with this group