Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chasing the Endless Summer...Colin Falvey

Defender Colin Falvey will be the first to admit he has it pretty good.  Playing during the summer here in the US with the Charleston Battery and then playing during the "summer" months with New Zealand side YoungHeart Manawatu. Not a bad life for a 25 year-old Irishman.

The New Zealand season runs from November to March and while Falvey has an option to extend his contract with the Battery for the 2011 season, looks like he is leaving his options open.

Read the rest of the  interview from the New Zealand paper the Manawatu Standard.
Falvey Uncorks Third NZ Season

Click on the hyperlinks to keep up with the New Zealand National League and YoungHeart Matawatu

It would be safe to assume that Falvey wont be playing in the Carolina Challenge Cup in March, No Quarter would definitely like to see Falvey back in a Battery kit come the 2011 season and wish him luck in his current endeavors.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Creating flags and banners

With two months until the Carolina Challenge Cup, it is the perfect time to create you own banner or flag. As we mentioned in an earlier No Quarter entry, here are a few basic tips to get you started.

The Idea

The age old adage of K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) is the best motto. A simple short phrase or logo is the best. I start with an idea and then use Photoshop or hand sketch and then scan the picture to get a basic design laid out. For example, I used the crossed cannons from the Battery logo in a few of my designs. Simple, relevant and easily recognizable. On one design I added a skull above the cannons as a take off the classic Jolly Roger design which has gone on to be used on T-shirts as well as a two-pole banner.


Pretty much any fabric will work. Cotton or cotton blends probably are the best for the paint but tend to get a bit heavy if they get wet. Plastic tarps don't work too well as the paint flakes off and they only come in limited colors. The best paints are cheap acrylic paints. They are waterproof and while will dry a bit "stiff" will still work just fine on banners. When I designed the bar flags, I used 100 foot rolls of plastic table cloth material that I bought at a party supply store for less than $15.00 a roll. I then cut yellow and black pieces about two foot long and taped them together with black duct tape in alternating colors to give a black, yellow, black pattern that is about six foot long and about 4 foot high (that was the width of the roll, no need making more work for myself!)tape that to a five or six foot length of PVC pipe. I have a flag that cost about $2.00 each and took about 5 minutes to create.

The Work

Now comes the tricky part. Putting those great ideas onto the banner. Ideally you would have a large area in a climate controlled area to work, but anywhere will really do. Access to a computer hooked up to a projector will make the transfer of the design a lot simpler. Just trace the design onto the fabric with a pen. An old school overhead projector would work fine as well but you will have to print out your design onto a transparency. If you really want to kick it old school, free hand your design onto the fabric.

Start painting your design using a variety of size brushes. Start on the edge with narrow brushes and use larger brushes or rollers on the bigger areas.  Make sure you put your new banner somewhere where it will have plenty of time to dry before it starts to rain or the where the neighbor's cat won't walk over it.

Finishing It Up

Now that its dry, you need to figure out how to display it come game time. Depending on it size, you might be able to use a two pole design. Make a sleeve on either side by either using liquid stitch or if you can, sewing a seam up the side and leaving it large enough for a pole. I use PVC pipes for poles because they are cheap and easy to find. A larger banner you might add some grommet holes so you can tie it up with zip ties or string. Even duct tape works well if it isn't too wet out. Blackbaud stadium is pretty open to bringing in flags or banners, as long as you don't hit the ticket takers in the head with the poles trying to get through the turnstiles (sorry who ever that was!) and be mindful of waving a flag in front of other fans. Or to be safe, come on over to E10 where flag waving is welcomed.

All this seem to much work? The Battery Proshop sells a a great two-side 3'x5' Charleston Battery flag that has a sleeve ready for a pole.

Here are a couple instructional videos from the good folks in Toronto. You may have seen many of their banners during the last couple Carolina Challenge Cups. In fact if you watch the second video you will see one of them wearing a Battery jersey and showcasing the scarf banner in section E01 at Blackbaud stadium.

Got an idea, but are stuck? Leave a comment and well do our best to help. We also have a tentative plan to have a banner making BBQ one afternoon come closer to March.

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Common Goal - FutiBlog: The best two teams in US Soccer, a completely unbias take,and so what is the Coffee Pot Cup?

Another great article at A Common Goal

A Common Goal - FutiBlog: The best two teams in US Soccer, a completely unbi...:

" Christmas may be tomorrow, and sure we've been awaiting our gifts and surprises with great anticipation...But for me, my ..."

Add this blog to your daily reading list.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Common Goal - FutiBlog: Soccer this Winter in Charleston

Check out another blog on lowcountry soccer

A Common Goal - FutiBlog: Soccer this Winter in Charleston:

"The most important soccer event coming up this Winter in the Charleston area is the Copa Charleston IV. Founded four years ago by Alex Voelk..."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Women's team coming to Columbia

While not officially announced yet, the Central SC Cobras have put all the wheels in motion to compete in the USL W-league for the 2011 season. 

Based in Columbia, South Carolina, the Cobras have been working hard throughout 2010 to make the team a reality.

Several details, such as stadium location and player selection, are still being worked out but they have set up the front office personnel and have established a color scheme and crest, shown at the left.

The Cobras will most likely be put in the W-league's Atlantic Division, playing against the Atlanta Silverbacks, Charlotte Lady Eagles, Hampton Roads Piranhas, Northern Virginia Majestics and the Tampa Bay Hellenic. Typically, the W-league season runs 10 to 12 games.

You can follow them on facebook Central SC Cobras and check out their website for more info.

No Quater will continue to update you as well!  Good luck ladies!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Off Season Survivial Guide

Off season is a cruel time for sports fans.  It is especially cruel to supporters of  lower division soccer in the United States.  With the season ending in September, not starting until the end of April/early May time frame, and lack of media coverage leaves nearly eight month to fill.

So No Quarter has put together a little survival guide to help you get through next few months.   Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comment section at the end of the blog.

Watch the English Premiere League

Or Spanish La Liga, Italy's Serie A, or German's Bundesliga.  One of the bright spot of being a soccer fan is that most leagues run a winter schedule and we can see some great soccer year around.  If your missing the camaraderie of being with other fans, head down to the Madra Rua on Montague Ave. in North Charleston.  Nearly every major match on television is shown, they even will unlock their doors as early as 7am for the big derbies.  Check out their schedule at Madra Rua Pub and your more than likely to see a few familiar face from the 'Baud if you stop by.

Watch some adult league soccer at Blackbaud

The Battery sponsors an over 35 and an over 40 leagues. Usually played on Thursday nights, the teams get the privilege of playing on the pitch at the stadium.  You might be surprised who you see suiting up out there with former players like Paul Conway and Dusty Huddock looking for run out.   And as an added bonus, the Three Lions is open with a full bar and menu.

Create a banner or flag

Chicago's Section 8 fans supporting the Fire

All it takes is an idea, a bed sheet or fabric and some paint.   No need to sew; duct tape,  Velcro, fabric glue and zip ties are all options.  PVC pipes make great poles for flags or banners. It is an easy way to show your support and when used en mass can have a great effect.  We'll post a couple instructional articles on the best way to make your own in the near future but until then here is a great blog one the ends and outs of how to creating some great banners Tifosi Banners

Dust off the boots and play a pick up game

Call your friends, find an open space and kick the ball around for an hour or so.  Looking for something a bit more regular?  Head over to Spoccer and check out the local weekly pick up matches in the Charleston area.

Join an online soccer discussion board

Spend a hour or so checking out the rumors, catching up on the latest news online at Bigsoccer or USLdicussions  Both have active Charleston Battery forums as well forums for rival teams.

Start a Blog

That what we did!  Its been fun and check out some of our archives that include articles with Battery players, Lamar Neagle, Tommy Heinemann, Johnny Wilson and Battery President, Andrew Bell.  Look for more articles on No Quarter from around the league and on the Battery as we lead up to the 2011 season!