Thursday, October 28, 2010

One on One With...Amaury Nunes

In our "One on One" segment, No Quarter is doing its best at keeping the Battery faithful update on what is happened to players from the 2010 Championship side during the offseason,  If you haven't already, check out the articles in this blog with Lamar Neagle, Tommy Heinemann and Johnny Wilson. 

Somehow though we missed that one of the Battery's own had made the move to Germany after the season had ended.  Amaury Nunes is that player.  He joined the German side KSV Hessen Kassel, currently first in the 4th Division .

 The 6'0", 27 year-old Brazilian forward joined Charleston at the begining of the 2010 season from old rivals, the Charlotte Eagles.  Nunes also spent four years with the Fresno Fuego and is the product of the youth academy of the famed Brazilian club Flamengo.

"The soccer here (in Germany) is amazing"  Nunes told No Quarter.  "We average 10,000 people and the fans go crazy singing all the game long." 

"The structure is very professional, we train very hard six to seven times a week, even on game days!"

Nunes' path from Charleston to Germany came after the 2010 championship match. 

"I have a friend who plays here in Kassel, so I contacted him."  said Nunes.  "He sent my info to the coach here, and they were interested."

"I have not got much playing time yet," explained Nunes, "because my visa issues were just finalized, I was only able to play last week."

"Due to the issues, I could only sign a short contract after the Battery season, until January 1st,"  Nunes continued.  "I would like to stay here longer, but the visa thing is not so simple for players from outside Europe."

As a member of the 2010 Championship, Nunes has mixed emotions about the season.

"The Battery season for me personally was not so good due to a few injuries that I had," explained Nunes.  "I was never able to be 100%.  But I am really glad we were champions and as a team we did very well."

"We had a great group of guys who were very dedicated to win the league. And the fans were also great, supporting us all the time."

Those injuries Nunes had only allowed him to play in 14 games with the Battery last season.  He still managed to score 3 goals, including a last minute winner in a very tough 4-3 win in Pittsburg in May. 

"Amaury really showed off his skill on both goals," Battery coach Mike "Auggie" Anhaeuser said in an post-match interview in the local Post and Courier Newspaper after that match.

"Amaury is always looking forward, always looking to push the ball up the field," contnued Anhaeuser. "His quality around the net is fantastic and he sees the field very well.  Because of the style he played growing up in Brazil, he's sometimes a step ahead of the other guys when we're on the attack."

So what are are Amaury's chances of putting on a Battery uniform next year?

"Depending on Kassel and I am not sure if the coach would want me back since I had so many injuries," said Nunes, "But I would love to play for the Battery again.  It is a great soccer atmosphere, a great city and great fans."

So we'll have to keep our eyes on Nunes and adding him to our regularly featured "Where are They Now." segment.

No Quarter wants to thank Amaury for his time and wish him "Viel Gluck" from all of us and the rest of the Battery faithful.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where are They Now?...Oct. 19

Tommy Heinemann is on his way to a second championship match this year thanks to his last minute goal to knock Montreal out of the USSF Division 2 playoffs.  That makes five for Heinemann in ten games since joining Carolina and puts him four in goal scored for the Railhawks.  Carolina will play Po=uerto Rico in a home and away series begining in Puerto Rico on Sunday Oct 24 and finishing in WakeMed Stadium on Saturday Oct. 30.

Lamar Neagle scored his second goal for IFK Mariehamn in Finland this past weekend as well.  IFK has one match remaining on Saturday Oct 23.  The match is vital as IFK are only one point out of the relegation zone. 

There was a good feature on Yeniel Bermudez in the Ancorage Daily News this past week.  Bermudez is out of contract with the Battery and followed his fiancee, Stephine Magestro, to Alaska, where she is a middle school guidence counselor.  Read the entire article here:

For Formere Cuban soccer star, a long winter ahead

Good luck guys!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Battery Looking for Players

The Charleston Battery announce three sets of player trials; open trials are Dec 10-11 and  Jan 28-29.  the invite only trial is Feb 18-19.

The trials are well run and several other clubs are often invited in to scout players as well. 

For more information and details on registration., check out the Battery website

Charleston Battery Website

No Quarter will do it's best to bring you details from the trials, so keep watching this space.

Friday, October 8, 2010

One on One with....Tom Heinemann

Affectionately nicknamed “the Beast” by Battery fans, Tommy Heinemann’s beard, shaggy locks and size, as well as his physical play, gives him the look of wild-man or a medieval barbarian.  In reality, the 6’4’ forward is more of a gentle giant, a religious man with a big smile.  Tommy was joint MVP in the 2010 USL2 Championship match and had a great season with the Charleston Battery.  The pairing of Heinemann’s physical and holding presence, along with league MVP Lamar Neagle’s pinpoint accuracy and nose for goal, gave the Battery one of the deadliest strike partnerships in recent years. 
As the USL2 season ended, the Carolina Railhawks were looking at Heinemann to bolster their offensive as they push for a USSF Division 2 championship. 
“I spoke with Auggie (Coach Mike Anhaeunser) at the end of the year and he told me that Carolina had expressed interest to the club about me. So, we just took it from there,” Heinemann told No Quarter. “I had heard great things about Martin Rennie, the coach for the Railhawks, as well as great things about the organization. We also played against them two times this year, once in the preseason and once in the open cup. After playing against them, I felt like I could fit into their system and be effective.”
So far he has been effective, scoring four goals in seven appearances for the Railhawks.
His game has been steadily improving since becoming a pro and joining the Battery two years ago.  But it started much earlier.
“I started playing soccer at age 4 for a local recreational team,” said Heinemann.  “I started playing select soccer at age 9.  I liked to run around a lot when I was a kid, and soccer fit the bill for that!”
He went on to play college soccer at Rockhust University where he was named to the NSCAA/NCAA Division II Men’s All-America Team as a sophomore and as a junior.  He also played PDL with the St. Louis Lions, where he scored 35 times in 36 games over three seasons with the Lions.  Heinenmann came to Charleston after a successful showing at the USL Men’s Player Showcase in 2008.
Heinemann like many professional athletes, counts his family as having a big part in his success.  ” My support that I have received from my family is so huge in my life,” said Heinemann.  “Knowing that they support me in all I do goes such a long way.  When I spoke to my immediate family during my last semester of college about trying to play professional soccer and foregoing my MBA (I was on a five year masters program), I was a bit nervous as to what they would say, but not to my surprise they jumped right on board and supported me in that.”
“They knew that was my dream,” he continued.  “To this day, I don't think they understand how much their support means to me.”
Nearly 50 Regiment and other Battery fans made the trip up to see the Battery play Charlotte in late July this past season.  At that match, Tommy had requested 18 tickets for his family and friends. 

“They are so freaking loud at the games!  I am sure you can attest to that,” joked Heinemann.  “They were hilarious at the Charlotte game. They are such a fun bunch.”
Heinemann also credits his past coaches and the big man upstairs.  “Jim Garvin, Tony Glavin, and Tony Tocco have coached me, trained me, and equipped me with the tools I need to play the game. I am very thankful for them.  Most importantly, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” continued Heinemann. “He has blessed me with the opportunity to play soccer professionally and is the only reason I am in the position I am today. All my credit and glory goes directly to Him as He has guided me throughout the course of my life.”
Heinemann scored eight goals and seven assist in 25 games for the Battery this season.  He was named co-MVP in the 2010 USL2 Championship match.
“The last two years in Charleston have been great! Charleston is such a beautiful city to live in and to play in,” said Heinemann.  “The Battery are a very stable organization that has helped me along in the early stages of my career. I have really learned how to be a professional off the field, as well as tons of things from a playing perspective.”
“This year was such a fun year, winning the Championship,” he continued. “Every player on our team did an outstanding job and it was a complete team effort all year long. The final was just evidence of that. I was really proud to be a part of such an exciting and hard working team.”
When asked who his dream side would be to play for would be “Liverpool,” laughed Heinemann.  “I know, I know, they are sucking right now, but they are my team through thick and thin!”
So what will 2011 bring for Heinemann?  “I am not sure at this point,” said Heinemann.  “I am just trying to take it one step at a time and focus on the task at hand here in Carolina (winning a title). Charleston is a great city and a great organization and I really enjoyed playing for the Battery, but for now, I just need to take it one step at a time.”
One thing is for sure, if Heinemann keeps scoring and starting for Carolina, he will have plenty of opportunities next season and “No Quarter” wishes him the best of luck but the selfish part of us would love to see him back at the ‘Baud in the Yellow and Black for next season.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where Are They Now....Oct 3...

This weekend was the final week of the regular USSF D2 action.  And across the pond, IFK Mariehamn continues to fight against relegation in the Finish league.

Tommy Heinemann scored his fourth goal in six matches Friday night for the Carolina Railhawks.  A powerful shot that Austin Aztex keeper got a hand to but couldn't keep from trickling across the goal line.   Carolina won the NASL conference and will take on the NSC Minnesota Stars in a home and away playoff series starting on Wednesday in Minnesota.

Mayard still is looking to open up his goal tally in Montreal.  Montreal start their playoff run playing Ian Fuller and the Austin Aztex in Montreal on Wednesday as well. 

In Finland, Lamar Neagle scored a goal in IFK Mariehamn's 2-1 defeat against MyPa on Saturday.  IFK sit four spots above the relegation zone with two games remaining in the regular season.