Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012, A Year in Review

As 2013 is set to begin, we thought we would look back on 2012 and a put together a list of some of the more memorable moments from the Battery's 20th season!

Best Goal:  Nicki Paterson's volley from 20 yards out against the Orlando City Lions  Head over to the archive section and find the June 9 match vs. Orlando, skip to the 40 minute of the video and just watch and be amazed.

Best Save:  Got to be the stop Andrew Dykstra made during penalty kicks against Rochester in the playoff match. Which one you ask?  All of them.

Best Win: The away win playoff match against Rochester.  A dramatic last minute goal by Tony Donatelli to send the game into extra time only to be followed by a dramatic penalty shoot out.  The match was best summed up by the folks over at "The Beautiful Game":

In the world of sports, good games are usually remembered for a few days but often forgotten when the next match rolls around.  Great games sometimes become the high point of the season with maybe a play or two finding a place in our mental highlight reels.  Then, in an entirely separate category, are the monumental contests in which legends are born, showcasing such passion and persistence, where seconds of brilliance become defining moments, to be remembered forever from the smallest fan to the seasoned executive.

Still some of my favorite words written about the game of soccer and the fact that they are about he Charleston Battery make them even sweeter!

Check out this video for the celebrations following JC Mack's penalty to win the match.

Best Tailgate:  Championship Game Day where the spread was amazing!   From the curry's to the sides to the beverages.  We must of had close to 150 to 200 people come through.  A special shout out to the Port City Firm for joining us, we might support different clubs but we're all supporters of the beautiful game.

Best Roadtrip:  The Annual Regiment bus trip is always a great time and this year was no different.  About 35 faithful soles boarded the bus for Wilmington to watch the Battery take on the Hammerheads.  The Port City Firm were gracious hosts and fed us well and kept us lubricated before the match.  Sadly, the Battery lost 2-1 but luckily their were a few beers left in the cooler for the ride home!

Best Off-Pitch Story:   Well some things are best unmentioned in public!  Perhaps if you buy me a drink or two I'll share the story with you!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MLS and USL Pro Affiliation?

Rumors have been floating around for a couple months about some sort of agreement being worked on between MLS and USL Pro but with the USL Annual General Meeting wrapping up, there seems to be some vague details starting to surface. Affiliation

What do we know?  Well nothing for certain but Jason Davis at North American Soccer Network is reports this
 "USL informed its member clubs of a proposed agreement with MLS that would provide for an integrated third Division/MLS reserve league.  We could see some interplay between USL Pro and MLS reserves teams in 2013 and full integration in 2014.

The details as understood are:

If an MLS city has a USL Pro team nearby, MLS will provide 5 players and pay their salary

If there is no USL Pro team, the MLS reserve team will be come a new, permanent team in USL Pro

All USL Pro teams will have an MLS affiliate. "

Reading the details leave a lot of questions unanswered.  What is "nearby"? 50 miles?  100 miles?  What does the"affiliation" entail?  Does it mean we get a couple players every now and then?  Who would be the Battery affiliated club?  Is it similar to the ECHL South Carolina Stingray's affiliation with the NHL Boston Bruins?

Loans can be double edge swords as we saw last year.  Dykstra was typically on a game to game loan with the Battery.  He wasn't allowed to play in US Open Cup matches as DC United didn't want him cup tied.  Our Jamaican's Boyd and Kelly had to return to their parent club in Jamaica just as the play off started. But if we can get a couple players it would definitely add to the depth of the squad.

Having MLS reserve or "B" teams playing in USL Pro isn't as strange as it sounds on the surface.  Spanish and German teams have a "second" team playing in the lower divisions.  Obviously if all MLS teams enter a USL Pro team it would increase the league by 19 teams and allow regional divisions as USL envisions.  

The affiliation detail is the one that peaks the most interest.  Does this mean a friendly?  Exchange of coaching ideas?  Branding?  Short term loans?  Opportunities for USL players to train with MLS teams after (or even before) the USL season? 

As you can see it will be interesting to see what info we can find out and even if this will become a reality.

One thing is for sure, the Battery has a proud past.  They have also been very prudent on the business side of   game.  I imagine that they will only contnue this trend and we will still have the same proud and competative Charleston Battery we have come to love over the years.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Carolina Challenge Cup

Christmas is around the corner with only three weeks until the fat man with the beard comes and hopefully leaves me something besides a lump a coal.  Almost exciting is that in just over 10 weeks, the Carolina Challenge Cup kicks off.

The 2013 Carolina Challenge Cup will be played February 16 through 23 at Blackbaud Stadium.  The 10th anniversary of the annual preseason tournament will feature the Chicago Fire, Vancouver Whitecaps, and the runners up to the 2012 MLS Cup, the Houston Dynamo and of course, The Charleston Battery.

Tickets are now on sale and more details can be found at the Battery's website

The Regiment is looking forward to hosting its usual tailgates and depending on demand, a return of the annual supporters pub crawl.

In other news around USL Pro.  look for two new teams joining in 2013.  First off is the Phoenix Wolves FC.  Based in Phoenix, Arizona, they will be a much needed addition to the West Coast.

Also coming in will be The Tampa Bay Flames based in Tampa Bay, Florida.  This looks to be an instant rival with the Orlando City Lions.  They have lofty goals and plan on constructing a new temporary stadium for the 2013 season.

Also entering the league in 2014 is Sacramento  with an experienced ownership group and a home stadium already, they will be holding a "Name the team" contest 

Look for more updates on the players and Battery news over the next couple weeks.

Monday, October 1, 2012

150 Days To Go.....

At least that is the rough amount of days to go until the tentative start of the 2013 Carolina Challenge Cup and the unofficial start of the Battery's 21 season as a club.

Battery players and fan celebrate the 2012 Championship
after the match in the Three Lion's Pub!
Year 20 was pretty impressive culminating in the being crowned the USL Pro 2012 Champions.   Congratulation to the players, staff and owners that made it happen!  As a fan, nothing is more special than watching our team lift that trophy!  That is four championship titles in 20 years,  three in 10 years and two in the last 3 years.  4 in 20, 3 in 10, 2 in 3... sounds like the beginning of a chant to me.  Surely someone can come up with something for next season).

So what do we do for the next five months?  Luckily we can still get our live soccer fix as the College of Charleston.  CofC had a two goal lead over #1 rank Maryland this past Saturday only to see them come back and defeat the cougars 3-2.

There is also pleanty of soccer to watch on the TV between MLS, US matches and of course all the European Leagues.  For those the best place to watch is at the Madra Rua in North Charleston.  A great pub if you have never been and even more great of opening their doors at 7:30 in the morning for the bigger BPL matches.

Of course, you can also join the wild speculation online at or one of the other discussion forums.  Discuss the future of USL Pro, NASL, why MLS is hampering the US development, and hundreds   other topics, some very compelling while others are outright insane.

Of course you can help us build a stronger and louder supporters group.  The Regiment meets the second Tuesday of each month to discuss tailgates, roadtrips, and the like.  You can find more info at the Regiment facebook page

In player news, a few of the boys are "guest" and are training with MLS clubs,  Nicki Paterson with New York Red Bulls,  Ryan Richter with the Philadelphia Union, Tyler Mueller with the Seattle Sounders.  Dane Kelly and Navion Boyd are back in Jamaica both playing with Tivoli Gardens.  If you know where any of the other players are during the off season, drop us a line and let us know!

Hopefully we'll have a few off season updates over the next few months.  But until then you can always re-watch Battery matches at!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Battery Win Dramatic Semi Final match over Rhinos

Its been awhile since we have update our blog.  Life seems to get in the way sometimes.  but every now and then and event comes around that makes us remember why we started this blog in the first place.

Friday night as about 75 people gathered the televisions in the Three Lions Pub at Blackbaud Stadium, we witnessed a one of the most dramatic Battery matches seen in more than a decade.  It had it all, two early injuries, a crushing 54 minute Rhinos goal, a last second equalizer by Tony Donatelli to force the game in to extra time.  All that was followed up a frantic paced 30 minutes with close calls, near misses and end the end, the dramatic penalty kicks.

Andrew Dykrstra came up huge in the eight rounds, saving three pks.  But the man who stepped up and put the Battery into the final was JC Mack.

The guys over at the Beautiful Game have a great write up of the match
In the world of sports, good games are usually remembered for a few days but often forgotten when the next match rolls around.  Great games sometimes become the high point of the season with maybe a play or two finding a place in our mental highlight reels.  Then, in an entirely separate category, are the monumental contests in which legends are born, showcasing such passion and persistence, where seconds of brilliance become defining moments, to be remembered forever from the smallest fan to the seasoned executive. 

Read the rest at his great blog HERE 

there are a couple great videos floating around
The first is a highlight reel of all the goals can be found at this link

Second here is one of the celebration up in the Three Lions after JC Mack put the boys into the big show.

The Championship match is Saturday night at Blackbaud Stadium against the Wilmington Hammerheads.  It should be a great crowd with an even better atmosphere.  Be there and support the boys.  Up the Battery

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Half Way There!

No Quarter is back after another long layoff!

Since our last update, the Battery loss close battle for first place in Orlando 2-1 but have since rebounded with two wins at home including a 3-0 win over Antigua and a 3-1 win over Harrisburg.

Those game have seen some great goals by league leading scorer, Nicki Paterson and Jose "Chiva" Cuevas.

Nicki's goal in Orlando was one any striker would have been proud of, a beautiful one touch volley from about 25 yards out and his free kick against Antigua is his third of the year from about 20 to 25 yards out.

Cuevas' goal last week against Harrisburg was a combination of ball skills and power.  Deftly controlling the ball, followed by a scissor kick to crush the back of the net.  The Battery have scored 23 goals in 12 matches so far, second behind Orlando's 25 goals.  The also have only given up 8 goals, tied for first in goals allowed.

At the Battery's half way point in the season, they sit in second place with 27 points, 5 points behind Orlando but have one game in hand.

The Battery still play Orlando two more time this season the chance to take first place in within our reach.

The Battery play two matches this weekend in Antigua.  The boys traveled down today and seem to be adjusting well to the tough condition the island nation must offer (insert sarcastic emo-con here!)

Although the Battery have out scored Antigua 7-0 in the last two matches, anything can happen.  The stadium, referees, bad blood (remember, Dane Kelly got a right hook from one of their players in the last Antigua match!), all this leads up to the boys needing to keep their head straight, focus on the task and just keep doing what they have been doing all season.

Andrew Dykstra loan extension seems to be week to week now, with another extension which will should see him play the matches this weekend.  Kevin Klasila is back in one-on-one training with Battery's goal keeper coach, Dusty Huddock after a ligament tear to his thumb.  He should be training with the full team next week if all goes well.

You can watch the matches online at and join a few Battery faithful in their online chat feature.

Friday, June 30 7:00pm
Sunday July 1, 7:00pm

You can also listen online via the Battery website or on 1340am locally.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Road Warriors!

After a 3-0 defeat by the NY Red Bulls in the U.S. Open Cup, the Battery made the trip north for a two-match, four-day journey that would see the team playing a total of four matches in seven day.

Most people would say that after playing a tough match on Tuesday night, getting a result on the road would be great, getting two would be increadible.

But that is exactly what the boys did, while logging more than 1500 miles and 24 hours on the road.  No small feat to be sure.

Auggie played a mixture of regular starters and bench players on Thursday night when the Battery took on the Pittsburgh Riverhounds.  The Battery scored two goals just before the half from Nicki Paterson and then a third in the second half by Dane Kelly.   The lone Pittsburgh goal coming from a penalty in the 60 minute, three minutes after former Battery trialist Matt Kassel was sent off with a red card as he deemed to be the last man as he took down Dane Kelly after he got in behind the defense.

Nicki Paterson
Paterson's two goals make him the top scorer in USL Pro with nine games played.

Two days later the Battery took on the Dayton Dutch Lions, coming off a US Open Cup win over MLS's Columbus Crew.

Dayton has not won a match in the USL Pro this season (0-5-4) so it is always tough going up against that type of opponent.

The Battery again started a mix of players and the match seemed equal until the second half when the Battery began to step it up.  Kelly's received a quick throw and crossed to Jose Cuevas, who put away a close range goal in the 70 minute to give him four goals for the season, good enough to be tied for second in goals scored in the league.

With the win Charleston moves to second in the USL Pro standing with 21 points. The Battery has a match in hand over first place Orlando City Lions, at 23 points and third place Rochester Rhinos, at 20 points.

The Battery's next match will be in Orlando against the Lions.  The match will pit first place vs. second place with only two points dividing the two teams.

Up the Battery!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reading, Blues, Red Bulls and more

Its been an exciting week for Battery fans.  First the Battery faithful found out that Charleston will once again be the host for an English team this summer.  Nottingham Forest will take on the Charleston Battery on July 28 at Blackbaud stadium.  The Battery then defeated Reading United in the USOC on Tuesday and, in turn, will play the New York Red Bulls next Tuesday at the Baud.    On top of all that, the Battery will be home this Saturday to take on the LA Blues in regular league action.

Nottingham Forest so far have announced two matches in America, one against the Orlando City Lions on July 21 and the other here in the Holy City on July 28.  you can read all the details in the Battery's official press release.

In Tuesday's USOC match, the Battery defeated PDL's Reading United 2-1.  The Battery started off the match well earning five corners in the first 20 minutes.  But Reading soon found there rhythm and the match evened out.  Reading took the lead from a corner kick in the 64 minute.  The Battery quickly responded with a great strike from Dane Kelly.  Nicki Paterson took the lead with an awesome 30 plus yard free kick that would have made David Beckham proud.

With the win, the Battery now take on MLS' New York Red Bulls.  The match should feature a now fit and legend Thierry Henry.  How much time Henry plays is up Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe.  Backe has been criticized in the past to his lacksidasal approach to the US Open Cup but has publicly said he plans to take it more serious this season.

Another member of the technical staff that will be familiar to Battery fans is Red Bulls Goalkeeping coach, Todd Hoffard.  Todd played the 2001 and 2002 seasons with the Battery.

The Battery goalkeeping situation seems to be in flux once again.  As you might recall, both the keepers the Battery signed at the beginning of the season, are currently injured.  Alex Kann suffered a knee injury and is about two months into a four month recovery.  Kevin Klasila suffered torn ligaments in his hand and is close to finishing his recover.   The Battery got DC United and former Battery keeper Andrew Dykstra on loan, but DC United did not want Dykstra to be cup tied to Charleston so he is unable to play in the USOC.  As a result, The Battery have signed two more goalkeepers.  Former Wilmington Hammerhead keeper, Brock Duckworth and a youngster Joseph Wichmann.  When we say youngster, we mean youngster; Wichmann, 17,  is currently a junior at Wando High School and is a member of the Battery's U18 USSF Developmental Academy team.  He has signed with a amateur contract that will allow him to still comply with NCAA rules.

Dykstra loan period as appeared to have end with the Battery.  United's usual number 2 keeper is currently out with an eye injury and Dykstra was on the bench for DC United's match against Toronto FC on May 19.  His latest loan contract expired on May 20.

We will see who is minding the net for the Battery in their match this Saturday against the LA Blues.  The Blues are off to a rough start to the USL Pro season and were knocked out of the USOC by PDL side Ventura County.  They also play a match tonight (May 24) against Orlando City Lions in Orlando, giving them one day rest as they travel to Charleston.

Fixture congestion and squad management will test Battery coach Mike Anhaueser over the next 10 days.  The Battery will play four matches in seven days, with the match Saturday against LA, Tuesday USOC match up with NY Red Bulls, and away match on Thursday against Pittsburgh followed by an away match in Dayton Ohio against the Dayton Dutch Lions.  Brutal to say the least.  Auggie will have to utilize his entire roster over this stretch.

Tailgate for Saturday's game will be chicken and sides.  Bring some beer and/or a side and join us near the East Stand entrance.  We also secured a group rate for Tuesday's USOC match against New York.  Ticket in E10 are only $8 each.  you can get yours at the tailgate on Saturday or prior to the match on Tuesday.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Battery Knock Off Antigua

Four goals from four players, limiting the opposing team to only four shots with goalkeeper, Andrew Dykstra not having to make any saves is a pretty good night.

That what the Charleston Battery did to Antigua Barracuda in front of more than 3100 Friday night.

Four nicely taken goals from Jose Cuevas (45), Nicki Patterson (74), Sallieu Bundu (80) and Dane Kelly (90) showed a potent Battery offense.   Five matches into the season, the Battery have scored 11 goals from seven different players.  Cuevas and Paterson both have three goals and two assist.  A look at the USL stats page shows, Cuevas and Paterson in second in goals scored on the season and tied for first in points (combination of goals and assists) in the league.

Antigua has had a potent offense with the leagues top scorer, Stefan Smith notching four goals.  But the Battery defense of Taylor Mueller, Colin Falvey, Kyle Hoeffer and Johnny Wilson did a great job of limiting Antigua to only four shots.  Goalkeeper Andrew Dykstra wasn't forced to make a save all night.

For those that haven't seen the match, you can watch a replay of it at  Great to hear Andrew Bell call the match and for this match, he had injured goalkeeper, Kevin Klasila doing a great job doing color commentary.  If you haven't listen after watching the matches, Andrew gives a lot of great player info along with the occasional tidbit on what future events the squad and club are up to.

Next up, the Battery take on the undefeated Rochester Rhinos.  The match will be at Blackbaud on Saturday May 12.  It will also be "pink" night and the Battery will wear a special pink jersey to raise money for cancer research.

The Rhinos will be a tough test.  Offensively they haven't been as potent as the Battery but defensively they yet to give up a goal.  Also former Battery defender, Mike Zaher moved up to Rochester in the offseason.

Look for a new feature this week on No Quarter.  For those that can't attend every match, we will be bringing you the "where are they now" and "player profile" features from the game day program.  This week we will bring you current player Ryan Richter and former Battery player Patrick Olelare

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Battery News Roundup

This week saw the Battery defeat the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, find out their US Open Cup opponents, saw a couple players make the USL Pro team of the week, and played a match against the Myrtle Beach Mutiny.

Nicki Paterson scored the only goal to give the Battery the 1-0 win over the Riverhounds.  You can read the match review in our post Battery take down Riverhounds.

Also, head over to our friends at The Beautiful Game to read their post match review.

US Soccer also announce the first two round pairings for the 2012 US Open Cup.  The Battery have a by in the first round and will enter in the second round taking on the winner from Reading United AC (PDL) v. NY Greek Americans (USASA).  The match will be played at Blackbaud stadium on Tuesday, May 22 at 7:30pm.

Kudos to Nicki Paterson and Andrew Dykstra for being chosen for the USL Pro team of the week.  Nicki's header and great play and Dykstra's vital saves and keeping a clean sheet were the key to their selection.  John Wilson and Sallieu Bundu were also given honorable mentions.

Photo by Kim Gregory
Sunday, the Battery took on the Myrtle Beach Mutiny, a new NPSL team coached by Patrick Olalere.  Unfortunately, we couldn't make it out to the match but we do know the Battery won 4-0 and JC Mack scored an incredible goal from about 30 yards out. One of the Regiment's own was out there and she shared her photos of the match HERE.

The Battery take on Antigua Barracuda this Friday night for the first time in the Battery's history.   The Barracuda's are virtually the Antigua National team, the same ones that will take on the US Men's National Team June 8 in Tampa, Florida in World Cup Qualifying.

Antigua will play the Wilmington Hammerheads on Wednesday before traveling to Charleston to take on the Battery.  Following the Battery match, Antigua will travel to Trinidad to compete in the qualifing rounds of the CONCACAF Champions League.  It will be interesting to see how their squad approaches the travel and the compact schedule of matches.

Up the Battery

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Battery Take Down Pittsburgh

Nicki Paterson scored a nice header from a Jose Cuevas set piece in the ninth minute and held the lead to win the match in front of 3269 at Blackbaud Stadium over the visiting Pittsburgh Riverhounds last night.

The Battery then went on to outshot the Riverhounds 13-6 continuing Coach Anhaueser's promise of attacking soccer, while the defense, lead by Colin Falvey, successfully keep a clean sheet for the second week in a row.

The Backline anchored by Falvey and Kyle Hoeffer with John Wilson and Taylor Mueller on the outside and the continuing onloan keeper from DC United, Andrew Dykstra did a solid job of limiting Pittsburgh's chance, with Dykstra making a couple key saves at the end of the match.

Sanyang is doing a great job in teh defensive midfield role but had to be subbed out at the half due to a "lower abdomen injury"  Sanyang appeared to take an elbow late in the first half and was relpaced by new signing, Navion Boyd.

Boyd, who has 17 caps for the Jamaican National Team lined up on the outside and is fast to be sure.  He seemed to make some poor decisions on his final touch but we'll give him a little time to adjust to the squad.

Cuevas also when out in the 64th minute with an ankle sprain.  Depending on the seriousness and the grade of the sprain his recovery time could be anywhere from one week to three months.  Hopefully it isn't serious as Cuevas play has been key to the Battery success so far this season.

Dane Kelly also returned this week to the Battery and came on with 12 minutes remaining in the match but didn't do much during his time on the pitch.

The Battery are now 3-0-1 on the season and currently tied for first with Orlando City FC in USL Pro.  Next up for the Battery is Antigua Barracuda FC on another Friday night match at Blackbaud Stadium.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Battery News Round-up

Ryan Richter was named the USL Player of the Week.  He had a good showing in the game against Charlotte, scoring one goal and notching an assist on JC Mack's first goal of the his 2012 season.

Speaking of the Charlotte match, good showing for the players in their 3-0 win.  There was a good group of Battery fans in attendance as well.

Andrew Dykstra has been loaned back to Charleston from DC United for another stint.  This time it looks like a month long period.  Good thing too as Alex Kann is out for a couple months with a knee injury and Kevin Klaslia had surgery for some torn ligiments in his thumb last week ruling him out for about four weeks.  

This begs the question, who is going to back up Dykstra?  

Also hearing that Dane Kelly and at least one of the other rumored Jamaican players are arriving this week after they have cleared their visa interviews last week.

This Friday, the Battery take on the Pittsburgh Riverhounds which feature former Battery fan favorite, Justin Evans as coach as well as Jason Kutney and Louie Relko in the squad.

Finally in Regiment news, the limited edition 20th anniversary scarves are nearly complete and set for shipping!  Prices will be $15 for Regiment members and $20 for non-members

Monday, April 9, 2012

History Repeats itself: Battery 2, Richmond 1

Just like 20 years ago when these two teams first played each other, the Charleston Battery came out on top over the Richmond Kickers by a score of 2-1.

As some of you readers may know, after 12 years of wanting to go to Richmond to see the Battery play at City Stadium, I finally got my chance.

Some of you may remember the "wars" online on the now less used forum,  between fans of both sides.  I had met a couple of the main posters, Mikeyratt, PattieA but the one I wanted to met the most, the one who always seemed to be able to write well though out discussions that seemed to get under your skin but at the same time true, was Big Dave.  In real life Big Dave is a great guy with some serious drumming skills.  We were lucky to be able to hang out after the match at Richmond's post match pub, Gus's on Broad Street and reminisced about the matches over the years and talk soccer for while.

Had a great time and already look forward to returning one day.  Just hope it won't take another 12 years to get back!

As to the game,  the Battery's through back jerseys look fabulous!  It was also good to see Dusty Huddock on the bench in his role as goal keeper coach.

The Battery lined up in what I would call a a 4-4-1-1 with Bundu doing a good job up top, playing with his back to goal, holding up balls and winning the first ball in.  behind him was teh ever impressive Jose Cuevas, he seems to have free reign in the top, picking up the second ball from Bundu and crashing the box during crosses.

The midfield began with Ryan Richter and Zack Prince on the wings withe Nicki Paterson and Amodou Sanyang in the middle.  There was some promise and good runs down the wings but Richmond made things difficult for them.

In the back, Colin Falvey and Kyle Hoffer had stellar matches.  Hoffer is a beast in the air and seemed to win every ball. Johnny Wilson was an ever tireless engine up and down the wing all match long and Mark Wiltse performed good as well.

In goal, Kevin Klaslia made some fantastic saves and seems to gain confidence and skill since his inauspicious start against DC United in the Carolina Challenge Cup.  There wasn't anything he could do about the Kicker goal and

Both of Cuevas' goals were great team efforts but Cuevas seems to have a knack for being at the right place at the right time.  It is never easy to score on Richmond keeper Ronnie Pascale but he did it twice.  check out the video of all the goals at the link below

Battery Win Season Opener, 2-1 In Richmond

Overall I felt the boys did very well.  Sure there are things to improve on but that is to be expected early in the season.

Now on to the home opener against Richmond on Saturday at 7:30.  If the first match up was any indication, it will be a great game!

Friday, April 6, 2012

2012 Season kicks off tomorrow

The Charleston Battery's 20 season begins Saturday with an away match with long time rivals, the Richmond Kickers.  I will be lucky enough to make my first trip up to Richmond and am excited to see the boys back in action after a long off season.

As usual in the USL, the off-season saw many changes to the Battery roster.  Fortunately it looks like some fan favorites will be returning

Rejoining the Battery from the 2011 season is Nicki Paterson, Colin Falvey, Zach Prince, Sean Flatley, Mark Wiltse, JC Mack and Johnny Wilson.  Also rumored to be re joining the squad is Jamaican forward, Dane Kelly.

Coming in with strong resumes from MLS and USL teams are Tony Donatelli, Ryan Richter, Sallieu Bundu, Amadou Sanyang, and Kyle Hoffer.  There experience should more than help solidify a strong returning core.

Appearing as rookies in the USL are some young prospects,  Jose Cuevas and Charlie Romero have impressed with goals throughout the preseason.  Cody Ellison and Tyler Mueller will learn much in defense from the experience of Falvey and Wilson.

Between the pipes is Alex Kann and Kevin Klasila.  While young, they should benefit from the Battery bringing in former Battery legend, Dusty Huddock as goal keeper coach.

There are also rumors of two more Jamaicans joining the team. Forward with Tivoli Gardens and Jamaican international with 17 caps, Navion Boyd is one.  The other is teammates with Dane Kelly at Village United and has two caps for Jamaica, midfielder Dino Williams.

There has also been some rumbling about a couple former Battery players that might train with the Battery this season so the possibly of an match appearance is good.  We'll let the Battery or the players themselves release those names though.

It will be interesting to see how the Battery lines up tomorrow with Richmond.  But expect both teams looking to make statements early in the season.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Battery add Pair of Keepers

Alec Kann and Kevin Klasila were announced by the Charleston Battery as the clubs latest signings.

Kann a four year starter at Clint Dempsey's alma mata Furman University, stands at 6' 4".

Klasila from Santa Clara University has a great personality.  He made a point of speaking with many of the fan that were at the Battery meet and greet just prior to the Carolina Challenge Cup.

Kann has been getting the starts and most time during the few preseason matches we have witnessed.  Klasila had an inauspicious start with the Battery after giving up a soft goal during the Carolina Challenge Cup when a powerful shot from then DC United now Battery trialist Ryan Richter went through his hands.  other than that he has looked solid.

Best of luck to both players and welcome to Charleston!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Battery Sign Forward Salieu Bundu

The Charleston Battery announced they have signed forward Salieu Bundu.  Bundu spent the 2011 season on loan with the Charlotte Eagles from the Carolina Railhawks.

Bundu fled his homeland of Sierre Leone to Guinea on foot when he was 15 after his father had been murdered by rebels. His brother won a lottery for a green card for the US shortly after which allowed him to settle in America.

Bundu started his career in 2008 with the Cleveland City Stars and then joined the Carolina Railhawks in 2009 where he stayed until his loan to the Eagles in 2011.

Bundu has been on trial since the Carolina Challenge Cup where he made an impact for the Battery by drawing the foul that set up the 89th minute penalty that was converted, giving the Battery a 2-2 draw against the Columbus Crew.

The Battery take on Coastal Carolina away tonight but are back at the 'Baud Saturday where they take on the Wilmington Hammerheads.

Best of luck Salieu!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Battery Win Pair of Preseason Matches

The Charleston Battery defeated the College of Charleston and Clemson University in a pair of preseason matches yesterday at Blackbaud Stadium.

In the first match of the day, Charleston took on the College of Chalreston and won from a goal from Battery trialist Matt Kassel.

The Battery started mostly signed players in the first match. The Battery controlled large portions of the game with the College of Charleston mostly trying to score from quick counter attacks that rarely bothered the Battery keeper.

Rumored to be coming to Charleston, former Seattle Sounder player, Amadou Sanyang did indeed appear and played the entire match.  He looked to fit in well in the defensive midfield role.

In the second Charleston match of the day, the Battery beat Clemson University 2-0.  Goals from Charlie Romero and Moses Aduny gave the Battery the win.   The Battery played this match with mostly unsigned players with exception on Sean Flatley, JC Mack and Zack Prince who played right back.  One player that really stood out was Ryan Richter who most recently was on a two month trial with DC United and scored for United against Charleston in the Carolina Challenge Cup.  He did well controlling the right side of midfield for the Battery making several nice runs and delivering some nice crosses.

Bookending the two Battery matches,  the College of Charleston defeated Clemson University 1-0.

Next up for the Battery is a preseaon match against Wilmington Hammerheads Saturday Mach 24.  Time of kickoff is currently set for 4pm at Blackbaud stadium .

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 and 20 years Strong

We haven't gone away, just hibernating over the winter months but now that the weather is turning nice we are waking up from our slumber and are hungry for some live soccer!

The Battery is coming together for the 2012 season.  Gone to MLS are Andrew Dykstra and Alex Caskey.  Mike Zaher has moved on to the Rochester Rhinos but coming back are Nicki Paterson, Colin Falvey, Sean Flatley, JC Mack, Mark Wiltse, Zack Prince and from the look of things, Dane Kelly and John Wilson.

New boys to the team include defender Kyle Hoeffer from FC New York and midfielder Jose Cuevas from PDL's Fresno Fuego.  Both seem to have settled in nicely and we look forward to great season from both.

Look for more names to be added including a couple former MLS players.

In the mean time, head on down to Blackbaud to check out a pair of preseason matches this Saturday, March 17.  At 10am the Battery take on Clemson University and then at 2pm the boys will take on the College of Charleston.

Look for some big things off the pitch as well.  The Regiment in the process of producing a huge new banner for E10, organizing a bus trip to Wilmington on Aug 4th and producing a limited run of 20 anniversary scarves!

Up the Battery