Monday, April 9, 2012

History Repeats itself: Battery 2, Richmond 1

Just like 20 years ago when these two teams first played each other, the Charleston Battery came out on top over the Richmond Kickers by a score of 2-1.

As some of you readers may know, after 12 years of wanting to go to Richmond to see the Battery play at City Stadium, I finally got my chance.

Some of you may remember the "wars" online on the now less used forum,  between fans of both sides.  I had met a couple of the main posters, Mikeyratt, PattieA but the one I wanted to met the most, the one who always seemed to be able to write well though out discussions that seemed to get under your skin but at the same time true, was Big Dave.  In real life Big Dave is a great guy with some serious drumming skills.  We were lucky to be able to hang out after the match at Richmond's post match pub, Gus's on Broad Street and reminisced about the matches over the years and talk soccer for while.

Had a great time and already look forward to returning one day.  Just hope it won't take another 12 years to get back!

As to the game,  the Battery's through back jerseys look fabulous!  It was also good to see Dusty Huddock on the bench in his role as goal keeper coach.

The Battery lined up in what I would call a a 4-4-1-1 with Bundu doing a good job up top, playing with his back to goal, holding up balls and winning the first ball in.  behind him was teh ever impressive Jose Cuevas, he seems to have free reign in the top, picking up the second ball from Bundu and crashing the box during crosses.

The midfield began with Ryan Richter and Zack Prince on the wings withe Nicki Paterson and Amodou Sanyang in the middle.  There was some promise and good runs down the wings but Richmond made things difficult for them.

In the back, Colin Falvey and Kyle Hoffer had stellar matches.  Hoffer is a beast in the air and seemed to win every ball. Johnny Wilson was an ever tireless engine up and down the wing all match long and Mark Wiltse performed good as well.

In goal, Kevin Klaslia made some fantastic saves and seems to gain confidence and skill since his inauspicious start against DC United in the Carolina Challenge Cup.  There wasn't anything he could do about the Kicker goal and

Both of Cuevas' goals were great team efforts but Cuevas seems to have a knack for being at the right place at the right time.  It is never easy to score on Richmond keeper Ronnie Pascale but he did it twice.  check out the video of all the goals at the link below

Battery Win Season Opener, 2-1 In Richmond

Overall I felt the boys did very well.  Sure there are things to improve on but that is to be expected early in the season.

Now on to the home opener against Richmond on Saturday at 7:30.  If the first match up was any indication, it will be a great game!

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