Sunday, September 2, 2012

Battery Win Dramatic Semi Final match over Rhinos

Its been awhile since we have update our blog.  Life seems to get in the way sometimes.  but every now and then and event comes around that makes us remember why we started this blog in the first place.

Friday night as about 75 people gathered the televisions in the Three Lions Pub at Blackbaud Stadium, we witnessed a one of the most dramatic Battery matches seen in more than a decade.  It had it all, two early injuries, a crushing 54 minute Rhinos goal, a last second equalizer by Tony Donatelli to force the game in to extra time.  All that was followed up a frantic paced 30 minutes with close calls, near misses and end the end, the dramatic penalty kicks.

Andrew Dykrstra came up huge in the eight rounds, saving three pks.  But the man who stepped up and put the Battery into the final was JC Mack.

The guys over at the Beautiful Game have a great write up of the match
In the world of sports, good games are usually remembered for a few days but often forgotten when the next match rolls around.  Great games sometimes become the high point of the season with maybe a play or two finding a place in our mental highlight reels.  Then, in an entirely separate category, are the monumental contests in which legends are born, showcasing such passion and persistence, where seconds of brilliance become defining moments, to be remembered forever from the smallest fan to the seasoned executive. 

Read the rest at his great blog HERE 

there are a couple great videos floating around
The first is a highlight reel of all the goals can be found at this link

Second here is one of the celebration up in the Three Lions after JC Mack put the boys into the big show.

The Championship match is Saturday night at Blackbaud Stadium against the Wilmington Hammerheads.  It should be a great crowd with an even better atmosphere.  Be there and support the boys.  Up the Battery

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