Monday, October 1, 2012

150 Days To Go.....

At least that is the rough amount of days to go until the tentative start of the 2013 Carolina Challenge Cup and the unofficial start of the Battery's 21 season as a club.

Battery players and fan celebrate the 2012 Championship
after the match in the Three Lion's Pub!
Year 20 was pretty impressive culminating in the being crowned the USL Pro 2012 Champions.   Congratulation to the players, staff and owners that made it happen!  As a fan, nothing is more special than watching our team lift that trophy!  That is four championship titles in 20 years,  three in 10 years and two in the last 3 years.  4 in 20, 3 in 10, 2 in 3... sounds like the beginning of a chant to me.  Surely someone can come up with something for next season).

So what do we do for the next five months?  Luckily we can still get our live soccer fix as the College of Charleston.  CofC had a two goal lead over #1 rank Maryland this past Saturday only to see them come back and defeat the cougars 3-2.

There is also pleanty of soccer to watch on the TV between MLS, US matches and of course all the European Leagues.  For those the best place to watch is at the Madra Rua in North Charleston.  A great pub if you have never been and even more great of opening their doors at 7:30 in the morning for the bigger BPL matches.

Of course, you can also join the wild speculation online at or one of the other discussion forums.  Discuss the future of USL Pro, NASL, why MLS is hampering the US development, and hundreds   other topics, some very compelling while others are outright insane.

Of course you can help us build a stronger and louder supporters group.  The Regiment meets the second Tuesday of each month to discuss tailgates, roadtrips, and the like.  You can find more info at the Regiment facebook page

In player news, a few of the boys are "guest" and are training with MLS clubs,  Nicki Paterson with New York Red Bulls,  Ryan Richter with the Philadelphia Union, Tyler Mueller with the Seattle Sounders.  Dane Kelly and Navion Boyd are back in Jamaica both playing with Tivoli Gardens.  If you know where any of the other players are during the off season, drop us a line and let us know!

Hopefully we'll have a few off season updates over the next few months.  But until then you can always re-watch Battery matches at!

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