Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012, A Year in Review

As 2013 is set to begin, we thought we would look back on 2012 and a put together a list of some of the more memorable moments from the Battery's 20th season!

Best Goal:  Nicki Paterson's volley from 20 yards out against the Orlando City Lions  Head over to the archive section and find the June 9 match vs. Orlando, skip to the 40 minute of the video and just watch and be amazed.

Best Save:  Got to be the stop Andrew Dykstra made during penalty kicks against Rochester in the playoff match. Which one you ask?  All of them.

Best Win: The away win playoff match against Rochester.  A dramatic last minute goal by Tony Donatelli to send the game into extra time only to be followed by a dramatic penalty shoot out.  The match was best summed up by the folks over at "The Beautiful Game":

In the world of sports, good games are usually remembered for a few days but often forgotten when the next match rolls around.  Great games sometimes become the high point of the season with maybe a play or two finding a place in our mental highlight reels.  Then, in an entirely separate category, are the monumental contests in which legends are born, showcasing such passion and persistence, where seconds of brilliance become defining moments, to be remembered forever from the smallest fan to the seasoned executive.

Still some of my favorite words written about the game of soccer and the fact that they are about he Charleston Battery make them even sweeter!

Check out this video for the celebrations following JC Mack's penalty to win the match.

Best Tailgate:  Championship Game Day where the spread was amazing!   From the curry's to the sides to the beverages.  We must of had close to 150 to 200 people come through.  A special shout out to the Port City Firm for joining us, we might support different clubs but we're all supporters of the beautiful game.

Best Roadtrip:  The Annual Regiment bus trip is always a great time and this year was no different.  About 35 faithful soles boarded the bus for Wilmington to watch the Battery take on the Hammerheads.  The Port City Firm were gracious hosts and fed us well and kept us lubricated before the match.  Sadly, the Battery lost 2-1 but luckily their were a few beers left in the cooler for the ride home!

Best Off-Pitch Story:   Well some things are best unmentioned in public!  Perhaps if you buy me a drink or two I'll share the story with you!

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