Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Unseen Scurtiny of Soccer Referees

Dr. David Greier, team doctor for the Charleston Battery, has a good blog and he recently wrote an article about the referees.

The article highlights a lot of things I didn't know about the evaluation process and differences between MLS and USL Pro league officiating.  Here is a clip of the article;

There seems to be a common perception that the officiating in USL PRO is poor, but from my investigation into the evaluation process, it at least seems to be an area of focus, and one that potentially could improve significantly. There is one major difference in officiating between the MLS and USL PRO. Major League Soccer uses national or professional referees for all four positions – the referee, the two assistant referees, and the fourth official. USL PRO, the league in which the Battery plays, uses a national referee as the referee, but the assistant referees and fourth official are often locally based, as the league and teams often cannot afford the travel expenses for four officials for each game all season.

Read the entire article HERE


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