Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And like that...there were only 12

Many questioned the inclusion of the "International Division" into USLPro this season.  And with good cause,  As of today the three teams from Puerto Rico are no longer part of USLPro.

After several issues with each team, USL has announced that it has formally removed Puerto Rico United, Sevilla FC Puerto Rico and River Plate Puerto Rico from the remaining USLPro schedule.

After serious economic difficulties and medical issuses involving two of the three team owners, the teams were unable to meet league standards and obligations.   Details of the issues can be found over at IMSoccer News in the great series by Jay Long.

All past matches against will continue to count toward league standings and future games will be rescheduled amongst the remaining 12 teams.  Those details are expected later this week.

In the press release from USL, CEO Alec Papadakis said,  "In the best interest of USL PRO and its teams, it was necessary to remove the three PRSL (Puerto Rico Soccer League) teams."  He continued,  "USL Pro has established high standards which are an integral component of the league model, and we are determined to preserve the integrity of these standards on and off the field."

The omission of the Puerto Rico team will have Charleston schedule three new matches to their calendar.    The June 9 and Jun 11 away matches against Sevilla FC and Puerto Rico United and the home match on July 1st against Puerto Rico United.   The July 1st match is to be aired live on Fox Soccer Channel.

As soon as we hear more we will pass it along.

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