Tuesday, May 17, 2011

July 16...who will the Battery play?

Earlier this year, Andrew Bell and Coach Mike Anhaueser met with the Regiment to discuss the 2011 season and pointed out that Saturday, July 16 was open on the schedule.  The next sentence was that the Battery enjoyed the match with Bolton last season and we like to do something similar this season.  Without saying it directly, it looked like we could look forward to another great exhibition match at Blackbaud Stadium this summer.

Since then, there have been rumors floating around about various clubs that might fill the date.  The one that seems to have the most legs is Portsmouth as we mention in this article.  Since that was written, Portsmouth continue to talk about a trip to Orlando and Charleston, but neither USL Pro club has publicly announced anything.

As expected, the Battery are keeping pretty quite about it.

"We are still looking at several possibilities for a summer exhibition; we enjoyed hosting Bolton Wanderers last July and would love to do something similar again." said Andrew Bell when asked about the potential match.  "At the moment, there is nothing definite planned."

Between negotiating fees, making sure everything is taken care of  and the standard of not announcing anything until it is a signed contract, you can't blame them.

As of now six EPL teams have announces US summer tours.  Manchester United, Everton, Newcastle United, Bolton Wanderers, Manchester City and West Bromwich Albion, with a good chance that other clubs will announce tours of the US soon.

So are any of those teams potential candidates?

Manchester United is out  too big and already have five cities on their schedule. 

Bolton already has a pretty full schedule as well.

Man City might be too big of a fish too and they are playing Vancouver on July 18 and said they will announce two other clubs later but the logistics with the date would be tough.

Newcastle have announce a date against Sporting KC on July 20 and the word is that they will also play Orlando in July so that could be a possibility.

Everton is another team that have announce two matches but have heard their name from more than one person about a possible match here in Charleston.  They currently have matches against DC United and Philadelphia scheduled for the last part of July.

West Brom look to be heading to the West Coast as well with a match scheduled against San Jose on July 17 so they are out.

There could be a few that havent been mentioned as well.  Stoke, recent runners up in the FA Cup, have mutual owners with Orlando City and it would seem very likely if they do a tour of the US, they will be in the South East.

So who would you like to see?  Are you happy with the English teams or would you like to see someone from Italy or Germany?

It looks good that the Battery will face an international opponent this season and whoever it is I'm sure the Baud will be full and a good time will be had by all!


Tommy said...

Arsenal, but that would cost 2 million, so I don't see that happening. Chris Ramsay is youth director at Tottenham, but they wouldn't be cheap either.

Tommy said...

Read this today:

"Regardless, Cotterill’s men are definitely staying in Charleston for a week and have lined up a friendly.

Cotterill said: ‘We may not be able to fit the game in in Orlando because there are a couple of Premier League clubs out there at the same time.

‘We are definitely going to Charleston – so it’s about trying to work on other games out there at this moment in time."

Mikey said...

Pompey announced today they were playing Chelsea on July 16 so I guess if the Battery get a date with Portmouth it will be later in the month.

I wonder if there might be two friendlies in the works?

Dan said...

You know me, Mikey. I would LOVE to see a club from Germany. 1860, anyone? Perhaps involve 1860 and Philadelphia Union in a series of friendlies with Charleston? Union's manager, Peter Nowak, is a former 1860 player.

A stretch, I know.