Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One on one with...Lamar Neagle

It’s always hard to hold onto the League MVP, especially in the lower divisions of North American soccer. Lamar Neagle is no exception. Neagle was signed by IFK Mariehamn in Finland last week.  The 2010 USL2 MVP signed a two month contract with an option for two years and joins fellow USL2 player Mason Trafford, who played with the 2010 Real Maryland Monarchs.

photo courtesy Kim Gregory
Things happened fast for Lamar. One day he is getting ready to head  home to the Pacific Northwest, the next he is on a plane to Finland.

“I was actually all ready to head back to Seattle and train there” said Lamar “but I got a call from an agent with a great opportunity to head overseas. I couldn’t really pass it up as I have wanted to go overseas for awhile.”

When asked about his time in Charleston, he has fond memories. ”I had a great time exploring Charleston with my family when they came out. Going to the beaches and downtown was a fun experience for me.”

“My favorite memory from the past year is probably in the championship game. Winning that topped off a great season for the club and me. Ian Fuller's save off the line from Delicate's shot was a pretty amazing moment.”

Finland is a long way from United States though. “Finland is a nice change.” said Lamar, “Where I am staying is a small island in between Sweden and Finland and has a small population. The town has very nice scenery and everything is walking distance. Everyone I have run into so far speaks English, maybe not the best but enough to get by!”

Fresh off the USL2 season, Lamar’s fitness shouldn’t be an issue adjusting to a new team. “The playing style here is similar, although a bit more possession than USL-2 I would say. The training sessions are similar too.”

So what does the future hold for the young forward? “Who knows what the future holds for any of us?” Lamar laughs, “But I feel like this is an extremely difficult question, especially for a footballer. One game can change your career.”

IFK currently sits 13th out of 14 teams, with six matches left to play. If Lamar can help take IFK out of the cellar, the future is bright for the young forward.

“If I play well here, then the options are open. Many teams come to watch these games, so one good game could change everything. But eventually I would like to be back in the MLS to play in front of family but I like the idea of playing overseas.”

No Quarter will be bringing you regular updates on Lamar and his time in Europe.


Kevin said...

Northern Europe is amazing, an just the travel opportunity is worth it. Here's hoping all the right eye's are on you at all the right times!

Lax Guy said...

I'm wishing Lamar the best of luck. He was a treasure when he was with the Des Moines Menace and he proved last year that he can play. Hopefully a stint in Finland will lead to even larger clubs taking notice in the years to come. Maybe even a USMNT look as God knows we need forwards...