Monday, September 27, 2010

Battery Joins USL Pro

The Charleston Battery officially announced they are joining USL-Pro for the 2011 season.

Official Charleston Battery Announcement

Much speculation over which team will join the Battery in 2011 continues, mostly due to the fact that the U.S. Soccer Federation placed new stricter standards for leagues and teams applying for Division 2 status and weather or not many USL PDL teams will look to join the new regionalized league.  

Currently the NASL is the only league looking to apply for Division 2 status for 2011, but with the departure of Portland and Vancouver for MLS, the future of Minnesota, St. Louis and Baltimore in question and a few other teams not meeting some of the USSF new D2 standards, there is a possibility that USSF will not sanction NASL for Division 2.  USSF recently gave NASL an extension to the end of September to try and bolster its numbers and strengthen the finances of the teams that are currently involved in NASL's bid.

So who will the Battery be playing next season? 

No Quarter thinks we will see the return of the six USL2 teams from 2010; Richmond, Real Maryland Monarchs, Harrisburg City, Pittsburgh, Charleston and Charlotte.  The Dayton Dutch Lions announced they will join USL pro in 2011 during the summer.  Both  USL1 expansion team Orlando and FC New York look like likely candidates as well. 

The much pondered USL Caribbean region looks like it will feature Antigua, and two teams from Puerto Rico and possibly two more additional Puerto Rico teams.  Former USL1 team, The Puerto Rico Islanders announced that they would be joining NASL for 2011 shortly after the USL restructuring announcement was made.

There has been some speculation to Rochester returning to USL but recently have said they will not make a decision until after their current season is completed.

If NASL fails to secure sanctioning from USSF, that could leave several teams looking for a league and USL Pro being the a viable option.


Maza said...

Fc New york and Orlando ain't happening next year. Mark my words.
And if NASL doesn't get sanctioned. The teams won't bother joining USL Pro, NASL will just be sanctioned as a co D3 alongside USL Pro.

Mikey said...

I have some doubts about both to be honest. Both Orlando and FCNY need to start moving if they are going to do it right next season. As to NASL going the D3 route if they dont get D2 sanctioning, I guess it could happen. I just hope USSF make the decision about what will happen sooner than later so all the clubs involved can do what they need to do in the off season. Season ticket sells need to be happening now, regardless of the league!