Thursday, April 25, 2013

Where are They Now...Nigel Marples

Nigel Marples
Former Battery player Nigel Marples spent three season with the Battery, and was part of the squad that
won the USL Championship in 2010.  The Canadian now plays in the Danish First Divison for HB Koge.   No Quarter caught up with Nigel to see how thing were going for him and memories of Charleston.

No Quarter:  So tell us what you have been up to since leaving Charleston?

Nigel Marples:   "After finishing up with the Battery two summers ago, I went to Chicago and trained throughout the winter and spring with a team called Bridges FC. They are an amazing organization that offers a venue with terrific coaching for college and pro players to get better in the off season. However, they also take a team to Europe every summer during which they play a number of professional teams. The purpose of the trip is to try and find players professional contracts and also to give the players the experience of what it would be like to play at the pro level. Bridges has helped so many players to go from amateur to pro, hence the name "Bridges" - bridge to the pros. So I came to Europe with them last summer and was asked to stay and tryout with HB Køge after we played against them. The timing was in my favour as Køge had just sold a defender and a few weeks later they offered me a contract! I accepted gladly!"

NQ:  How does the do the USL and Danish 1st Division differ in terms of play?

NM:  The play here is a little different. Players here have grown up spending a lot more time on the ball than I did growing up. The system may be different now in the US with youth teams training a lot more. But from my perspective the Danish first division is more technical than the USL. And the USL a bit more athletically based than the Danish leagues. I also feel the players here make decisions a touch quicker and also anticipate more accurately due to the amount of time spent training growing up. 

NQ:  What is you favorite thing about living in Denmark?

NM:  My favourite thing about living here is definitely the food! The produce and meats are so fresh and not loaded with artificial enhancers. Best of all are the bakeries though. The bread and the pastries oh boy!! Soooo GOOOOD.

NQ:  What do you miss most in Denmark?

NM:  I of course miss being around my friends and family from Canada the most. It is tough at times living in a different country and culture on my own.

NQ: What do you miss about Charleston?

NM:  Man, I miss a lot of things about Charleston - the sunshine, the amazing beaches, the great restaurants - ha I must really enjoy eating, I have a few great friends I really miss there, but above all I miss my teammate Zach Prince's dog, George! 

NQ:  So what is next for you?

NM:  Well, I believe that anything is possible and you have to live each day expecting to be surprised. That being said, my contract with Køge is up this summer and that's all I have planned at this point. I could be anywhere on this wonderful world after that!... a visit to Charleston is certainly not out of the question! 

NQ:  Anything else you would like to add?

NM: I'm sending my best wishes to the Battery and the Regiment for another successful season! I look forward to keeping tabs on the results online.  I hope you enjoy another great season in one of the most beautiful places I've had the pleasure of living in!! 

Thanks to Nigel for taking time to talk to us!  You can keep tabs on HB Koge at their website  

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