Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Battery v. Portsmouth FC

We'll No Quarter has been a little quite lately but that is because, I am currently in England.  Combining a family visit with a wedding plus some much needed R&R for the weary, things are going well.  When the fixture list came out, this looked like the perfect time to head accross the pond, missing only one match in a three week period.

Then the announcement came for the Portsmouth match.

It always is disappointing to miss a match, but a match against and English opponent is even more disappointing.  And when it is a club with the history of Portsmouth, it can be down right disappointing.
  Fortuanately, this is the age of the Internet and if things go well,  I'll be wearing my Battery Jersey, watching the match on http://www.usllive.com/, listening via a radio broadcast or at the very least following Twitter updates.

For those in the neighborhood, make sure you get to this match.

Here is a good link from my fellow Battery blogger in the lead up to the big match.

Who is this Blue Army? from the Beautiful Game

Up the Battery!!!

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Jonathan said...

Thanks for the link! Im looking forward to the last bit of the season. I think we'll be coming down the Charlotte game and hopefully some postseason matches!