Sunday, December 5, 2010

Off Season Survivial Guide

Off season is a cruel time for sports fans.  It is especially cruel to supporters of  lower division soccer in the United States.  With the season ending in September, not starting until the end of April/early May time frame, and lack of media coverage leaves nearly eight month to fill.

So No Quarter has put together a little survival guide to help you get through next few months.   Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comment section at the end of the blog.

Watch the English Premiere League

Or Spanish La Liga, Italy's Serie A, or German's Bundesliga.  One of the bright spot of being a soccer fan is that most leagues run a winter schedule and we can see some great soccer year around.  If your missing the camaraderie of being with other fans, head down to the Madra Rua on Montague Ave. in North Charleston.  Nearly every major match on television is shown, they even will unlock their doors as early as 7am for the big derbies.  Check out their schedule at Madra Rua Pub and your more than likely to see a few familiar face from the 'Baud if you stop by.

Watch some adult league soccer at Blackbaud

The Battery sponsors an over 35 and an over 40 leagues. Usually played on Thursday nights, the teams get the privilege of playing on the pitch at the stadium.  You might be surprised who you see suiting up out there with former players like Paul Conway and Dusty Huddock looking for run out.   And as an added bonus, the Three Lions is open with a full bar and menu.

Create a banner or flag

Chicago's Section 8 fans supporting the Fire

All it takes is an idea, a bed sheet or fabric and some paint.   No need to sew; duct tape,  Velcro, fabric glue and zip ties are all options.  PVC pipes make great poles for flags or banners. It is an easy way to show your support and when used en mass can have a great effect.  We'll post a couple instructional articles on the best way to make your own in the near future but until then here is a great blog one the ends and outs of how to creating some great banners Tifosi Banners

Dust off the boots and play a pick up game

Call your friends, find an open space and kick the ball around for an hour or so.  Looking for something a bit more regular?  Head over to Spoccer and check out the local weekly pick up matches in the Charleston area.

Join an online soccer discussion board

Spend a hour or so checking out the rumors, catching up on the latest news online at Bigsoccer or USLdicussions  Both have active Charleston Battery forums as well forums for rival teams.

Start a Blog

That what we did!  Its been fun and check out some of our archives that include articles with Battery players, Lamar Neagle, Tommy Heinemann, Johnny Wilson and Battery President, Andrew Bell.  Look for more articles on No Quarter from around the league and on the Battery as we lead up to the 2011 season!


Mrs. Youngy said...

Or you can start to follow the Mighty JamTarts of Heart of Midlothian FC. A fine old club from Edinburgh Scotland's capital city! The season is in full swing right now!

Mikey said...

Trust me, I've been looking on! Hell I'd watch a bunch of U10 in the park if the parents didnt look at me like some sort of creep!