Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wilmington Likely to Return!

Looks like Charleston will pick up another local rival and competitor for the Southern Derby Cup for the 2011 USL Pro season.

Reports from both WECT TV and Wilmington Star News are saying that the Wilmington Hammerheads will likely return in 2011. 

Official word is likely to come out later this month,  in No Quarter's opinion, most likely before or during the USL Pro league meetings which are schedule for around November 18. 

The club also looks like it will retain the Hammerheads name and will retain its logo and color scheme.

Wilmington historically has been a tough team, qualifying for the playoffs 9 out of 13 years of their existence, winning the 2003 USL D3 championship and averaging close to 3000 fans a match.


Anonymous said...

Things are looking good- The USL press conference is scheduled for Tuesday and Chris Economides will be in attendance. Here's the link...

Mikey said...

looking good indeed! Looks like another team for the Southern Derby this year!