Thursday, October 28, 2010

One on One With...Amaury Nunes

In our "One on One" segment, No Quarter is doing its best at keeping the Battery faithful update on what is happened to players from the 2010 Championship side during the offseason,  If you haven't already, check out the articles in this blog with Lamar Neagle, Tommy Heinemann and Johnny Wilson. 

Somehow though we missed that one of the Battery's own had made the move to Germany after the season had ended.  Amaury Nunes is that player.  He joined the German side KSV Hessen Kassel, currently first in the 4th Division .

 The 6'0", 27 year-old Brazilian forward joined Charleston at the begining of the 2010 season from old rivals, the Charlotte Eagles.  Nunes also spent four years with the Fresno Fuego and is the product of the youth academy of the famed Brazilian club Flamengo.

"The soccer here (in Germany) is amazing"  Nunes told No Quarter.  "We average 10,000 people and the fans go crazy singing all the game long." 

"The structure is very professional, we train very hard six to seven times a week, even on game days!"

Nunes' path from Charleston to Germany came after the 2010 championship match. 

"I have a friend who plays here in Kassel, so I contacted him."  said Nunes.  "He sent my info to the coach here, and they were interested."

"I have not got much playing time yet," explained Nunes, "because my visa issues were just finalized, I was only able to play last week."

"Due to the issues, I could only sign a short contract after the Battery season, until January 1st,"  Nunes continued.  "I would like to stay here longer, but the visa thing is not so simple for players from outside Europe."

As a member of the 2010 Championship, Nunes has mixed emotions about the season.

"The Battery season for me personally was not so good due to a few injuries that I had," explained Nunes.  "I was never able to be 100%.  But I am really glad we were champions and as a team we did very well."

"We had a great group of guys who were very dedicated to win the league. And the fans were also great, supporting us all the time."

Those injuries Nunes had only allowed him to play in 14 games with the Battery last season.  He still managed to score 3 goals, including a last minute winner in a very tough 4-3 win in Pittsburg in May. 

"Amaury really showed off his skill on both goals," Battery coach Mike "Auggie" Anhaeuser said in an post-match interview in the local Post and Courier Newspaper after that match.

"Amaury is always looking forward, always looking to push the ball up the field," contnued Anhaeuser. "His quality around the net is fantastic and he sees the field very well.  Because of the style he played growing up in Brazil, he's sometimes a step ahead of the other guys when we're on the attack."

So what are are Amaury's chances of putting on a Battery uniform next year?

"Depending on Kassel and I am not sure if the coach would want me back since I had so many injuries," said Nunes, "But I would love to play for the Battery again.  It is a great soccer atmosphere, a great city and great fans."

So we'll have to keep our eyes on Nunes and adding him to our regularly featured "Where are They Now." segment.

No Quarter wants to thank Amaury for his time and wish him "Viel Gluck" from all of us and the rest of the Battery faithful.

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